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BNRU Helps Belgorod Region to Win a Medal

BNRU's Botanical Garden was instrumental in winning Belgorod Region's Department of Construction and Transport a silver medal at the 7th International Flower and Garden Festival (aka The Moscow Flower Show)

The Moscow Flower Show is the show-piece event in the field of landscape design in Russia, and attracts the best landscape designers and horticulturists from Russia and abroad. The Department presented an exposition called 'Light. Motion. City', which took second place in the 'Gardens of Russia' category. The project was designed by Anna Gamurak and Alexander Belyaev, with the Botanical Garden providing the plants. Marina Evtukhova, head of BNRU's Land Maintenance Service, said that blossoming lilacs took a pride of place in the exposition, which pleasantly surprised visitors to the exhibition. She explained,

Our use of lilacs for decorating cities and villages, which is part of the Belgorod Lilac Project, is not only a beautiful theme in the landscape, but also a commemoration of Victory in World War II for the residents and visitors to the Region. Part of this was BNRU's development of the 'Victory Lilac'.
Widespread planting of lilacs provided by the University across Belgorod Region, is likely to begin in 2020, on completion of the first large batch of lilac saplings grown at our Lilac Cultivation Centre.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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