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Plants Selection projects at BNRU

BNRU Botanical Garden create a genetic collection of perennial legumes and grasses

At the first stage, a demonstration kennel consisting of 15 varieties of fodder, lawn, food and medicinal crops, included in the state register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation, as well as five varieties that are currently undergoing state strain testing, is laid.

Vladimir Chernyavskikh, chief scientist of the natural landscape complex, one of the curators of the collection and the author of the varieties presented in it, spoke about the need to create a collection of perennial grasses:

Perennial grasses are not only the basis of biological farming and smart agriculture. They are necessary for the creation of urban landscapes and green building, new medicines production.

According to the head of the Department of Biology, Doctor of Biological Sciences Elena Dumachova, yje authors of some varieties, who oversees the genetic collection, it will open great opportunities for scientists for research:

Genetic collection will allow not only us, but also our students - bachelors, masters, graduate students to conduct selection work, including using modern technologies of clonal micropropagation and genomic selection.

The demonstration nursery is planned to open on September 24 during the international conference Modern Adaptation Problems, dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian scientist, the creator of ecological genetics of cultivated plants and adaptive crop production, Academician A.A. Zhuchenko.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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