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Scientists of BNRU proposed new ways of pharmacological correction of retinal injuries

BNRU research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems obtained five patents based on the results of experimental studies in the field of pharmacology

Dr. Anna Peresypkina, Ph.D. in biology, assistant professor of the Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Department of BNRU Medical Institute, received five patents of the Russian Federation in the process of working on a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences.

The thesis is dedicated to the solution of the problem of the effectiveness of drug therapy of retinal pathology, which is formed against the background of arterial hypertension, and its ischemia. Dr. Peresypkina suggested new means of directional correction of emerging states.

Currently, there is an increase of retinal vascular diseases, which lead to ischemia, which in turn leads to the development of blindness and vision impairment. Ninety percent of cases of retinal artery occlusion occur against the background of diseases of the cardiovascular system, - atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension. There are no means for directing, specific correction of ischemic damage to the retina. During the research, it was possible to find effective ways of pharmacological correction of retinal injuries.

In the course of work on the experimental part of the thesis, the young scientist, under the guidance of a scientific adviser, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Pokrovsky, managed to prove the effectiveness of the proposed methods for the prevention of conditions arising from retinal pathology. As a result, five patents were received. According to the doctor of medical sciences, Professor Mikhail Pokrovsky, the results obtained in the course of research are already being used in the curricula of the BNRU Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Department and the Department of Pharmacology of the N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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