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The blooming talents

Students of BNRU presented their works at the collective exhibition of painting and graphics "The Blooming Inspiration"

An exhibition of paintings and graphics The Blooming Inspiration, which was organized as part of the Young Artists project was opened in the Belgorod State Art Museum. Fifth year students of the BNRU Pedagogical Institute Anna Obdymko, Anastasia Luksha and Maria Shevtsova participate in the cultural life of Belgorod, in competitions and exhibitions. For example., theyve turned the wall of the gymnasium 5 into a patriotic art object. Anastasia and Maria repeatedly exhibited their work next to the venerable Belgorod artists, but did not have a personal exhibition yet. The Young Artists project gave students the opportunity to present their work to Belgorodians, connoisseurs of beauty.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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