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BNRU Participates in the 'BelgorodAgro' Exhibition

The BelExpoCentre Conference Centre was the venue for an agricultural trade exhibition, aimed at showing off innovations in agro-industry. Our University made a significant contribution.

This major Regional event was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Belgorod Regional Department for Agriculture and the Environment, and the Belgorod Chamber of Commerce. The exhibition serves as an effective platform for presenting promising projects and innovation, and fosters a dialogue between the Region's scientific and business communities.

Scientific research and innovation in agro-industry and biotechnology is a priority at BNRU, and this Exhibition is an excellent way for our leading researchers in microbiology, biotechnology and the rational use of plant resources, to meet representatives of agro-industrial businesses from Belgorod Region.

Some familiar, award-winning, projects were on display, including, 'Biologically Active Substances and the Functional Food Products Based on Them', and 'Nanostructured Ingredients for Food', alongside newer projects. Of particular interest is a small innovative enterprise partnered with BNRU called 'NPO BINAM', a Biotechnology and Nanomaterial manufacturer. They presented a new line of easy-to-use agrochemical preparations based on fullerenes, and auxins (plant hormones) of amino acids, as well as vitamins with a high content of macro-, micro- and meso- elements.

 Svetlana Shatokhina, Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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