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BNRU Alumnus Wins a Prestigious Medical Award

Dr Yuri Naberezhnev, Head of Perinatal Centre's Pregnancy Pathology Department at Belgorod's Hospital No. 2, won the 'Torch-Bearer' section of the national 'Reproductive Tomorrow' medical awards

Dr Naberezhnev graduated from BNRU in 2002 with a PhD, going on to set up the BNRU satellite company 'BNRU Medical Technology'. These awards are given for significant achievements in helping to increase the country's birth rate. He won his category, despite being among 200 entrants.

He considers this award as significant of the improving situation as regards obstetric care in the Belgorod Region as a whole, and that BNRU's focus on medical science promotes the introduction of foetal surgery, telemedicine, and the pooling of experience from leading clinicians in Russia and Europe. The University's support in applying modern methods and advanced technology also yields excellent results for the Perinatal Centre. His company receives grants from the START Foundation. Dr Naberezhnev explained,
This is the third stage of our cooperation with the Foundation within the framework of the START project. Our company is a member of the Skolkovo Foundation. We have been developing an implant system aimed at the long-term administering of drugs for chemotherapy in oncology. This system is innovative and replaces expensive foreign imports.
In 2017, Dr Naberezhnev presented the results of an international study on the introduction of innovative methods of prolonging pregnancy at the World Congress of Medics in London, UK, and the International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Foetal Surgery in San Diego, USA.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing


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