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BNRU Will Host the South-West Russia Science Festival

The home of the Regional Government was the venue for the announcement by the Organising Committee for the festival. This will be a major event for science education in Russia

Speakers at the launch included Dr Leonid Gusev, Head of the Organising Committee of the Festival of Science, and adviser to the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Dr Natalia Shapovalova, acting Head of the Regional Higher Education and Science Department, and Dr Andrei Peresypkin, Vice-rector for the Implementation of Strategic Development Programs at BNRU.
Dr Shapovalova said that the festival is designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. It will involve all of the Higher Educational establishments in the Region, and all of the scientific organisations and schools. People from the Moscow, Orel, Kursk, and Tambov Regions, as well as Rostov-on-Don, will come to Belgorod. The festival will take place over two days, the 21st and 22nd September. More than 200 scientific events of varying formats will be held, including master classes, seminars, lectures, quests, and exhibitions. BNRU will be the venue for 86 of these events.

Dr Gusev expressed the gratitude of RAS to the government of Belgorod Region, and to their colleagues from BNRU, for the amount of work done to prepare for the festival. He talked about the history of the 'Nauka0+' science festival, highlighting the role played by Belgorod in this year's main scientific event, the Festival of the South-West of Russia.

Dr Peresypkin talked about the University's achievements in recent years, presenting the most interesting projects from each of the major Departments. He expressed his confidence that many of these ideas will encourage the younger generation of schoolchildren to go further, and to research, develop or better organise their innovative enterprises, saying,

We have something to show the people of Belgorod and our guests. Each Department will open its doors, and display its innovative projects. Master classes, fascinating lectures and exciting presentations will be held at the university and at the BelExpoCentre. The topics will vary wildly, from the production of ice cream with nano-structured ingredients, to lectures on the historical analysis of time. Students, postgraduates, and leading scientists from the university will talk about their latest achievements and ideas. We hope that the residents of the Region will get a better understanding of our university.

Dr Peresypkin also revealed that the opening ceremony, which will be held in the Youth Cultural Centre, will include a light show and a 'Tesla' presentation, and there will be flying machines.
Click on the link NAUKA 0+ for details of the program.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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