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BNRU's Institute of Economics and Management hosted the 6th annual conference on 'Practical Problems in the Development of Economic, Financial and Credit Systems'

Every year this conference, organised by the Department, attracts an increasing number of participants from Russia and around the world. This year saw delegates from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria participate in the plenary session and the fringe meetings. The Conference was also open to students and staff from BNRU.

At the plenary meeting, Dr Alexei Kiselev, Director of the Belgorod Regional Branch of JSC Russian Agricultural Bank, spoke about the improvement of the basic methods of teaching economic disciplines. Dr Gennadi Kryksin, Head of the Consolidated Economic Department of the Central Bank of Russia for Belgorod Region, gave a report called 'Vectors for Financial Market Development' which addressed the problems and prospects for the development of the banking sector.

Alumna Tatiana Tarasova, now working for VTB, spoke about the new challenges facing and economics problems facing existing banks confronted by the new universal commercial banks. Dr Daria Korolkova, Senior Lecturer at BNRU's Department of Finance, Investments and Innovations gave a report on the problems of financing housing construction in Russia. Professor Arsen Grigoryan of BNRU's Institute of Economics and Management presented his report on the 'Prospects for the Use of Blockchain Technology'.

The event was devoted to the discussion of development in economic, financial and credit relations in the modern financial environment. Researchers presented their reports in 7 fringe meetings, where questions concerning State Development Law, Municipal Finance, Corporate Finance, Investment, Banking, Insurance, and Valuation and Accounting Activities were considered. A collection of scientific papers will be published based on the research delivered at the conference.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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