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Social Work without Borders

BNRU welcomes colleagues from Veliko Tarnovo University in Bulgaria

Our guests visited the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications, where they were met by Professor Milena Yorgova, Head of the Department for the Organisation and Methodology of Social Work. Associate Professor Dr Julia Pulova Ganeva then conducted an open lecture for Social Work students on 'The Social Protection System in the Republic of Bulgaria'. Our Bulgarian colleagues then spoke about the work of social institutions, areas of support for vulnerable categories of citizens, and the experience of working with migrants and refugees in Bulgaria. The discussion centred around issues of de-institutionalisation of social assistance, and the interaction of private and state structures that provide social services to the population.
During the discussion of the lecture it became apparent that similar problems, give rise to similar algorithms and technology for their solution. This creates a good deal of overlap in our fields of expertise, and therefore is facilitates interuniversity cooperation in social protection training. Professor Yorgova spoke about the educational programs in Social Work that have been implemented at the University of Veliky Novgorod, and the possibility of an Exchange Program.
Our guests were shown details of the vocational training future social workers receive in Russia, and the educational programs provided by the Profiling Department. They toured the Centre for Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled, and the Regional Social and Rehabilitation Centre for Minors.

Our Bulgarian colleagues appeared impressed by the level of support and practical training students received, and suggested a number of areas of potential cooperation between our Universities. They also agreed on hosting joint scientific events.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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