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BNRU Hosts 9th National STRATI Geological Forum

This year the subject is 'The Cretaceous System of Russia and Neighbouring Territories: Problems of Stratigraphy and Paleogeography'

The event is organised by the Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee of Russia, the Chalk Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture (CCMA), the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, and Belgorod National Research University.

The meeting was attended by scientists from Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, as well as the students and teachers of the Earth Sciences Institute. The opening address was given by Dr Alexander Mamatov, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs. He noted that the venue of the meeting was well chosen, as this Region is rich in Cretaceous deposits, and the city itself is named for the chalk deposits on which it sits (Belgorod means 'White Town'). Dr Mamatov went on to explain the work done by the University, and gave an overview of the history of the University, pointing out that despite 142 years of education in the town, the University's rapid recent development has given a dash of dynamism to the work we do now.

Indicative of this is the laboratory for the mechanics of subsoil rocks, where scientists are able to study the physical and mechanical properties of all types of rock, including those from the Cretaceous. Students from the Department of Applied Geology and Mining at the Institute of Earth Sciences are studying the uses of chalk rocks (chalk, marl and clay), and their mineralogy. Professor Ignat Ignatenko, Director of the Earth Sciences Institute commented, saying,

We intend to further develop this subject in our university. I want to emphasise that the conference has not only a scientific, but also an educational component. We will gladly adopt the experience of our colleagues, share our experience, and actively participate in the work of the meeting alongside the students of the Institute.

At the plenary session, Moscow State University Professor Evgeny Baraboshkin, the Chairman of the CCMA, spoke about the stratigraphy of the Cretaceous system. He concluded by announcing upcoming major scientific events, including the STRATI-2019 Geological forum.
This year's Forum continues until the 22nd September.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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