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Practical Nursing Skills Competition

Anastasia Maliyeva, a student from the Medical Institute, has won the Regional round of the 'Abilympics' Nursing Skills Competition, which tests medical staff with disabilities, in their competence in treating patients

The Medical Institute has been hosting this event since 2016. It is open to students and young professionals with disabilities, and this year the theme was 'Medical and Social Care'. We were represented by nursing students Andrei Malyarevich, Anastasia Maliyeva, Pavel Goran, Margarita Nikulina and Alina Hizhnyakova. The examiners included our own Dr Nadezhda Polenova, and Dr Irina Shentseva, who were joined by medical professionals, Senior Nurse Svetlana Stamenova, of the Belgorod Dermatological Clinic, and Senior Nurse Natalia Generalova from the Cardiology Ward of Belgorod Hospital No. 2. Dr Victoria Selina, lecturer and Chair of the Regional Medical Council for Nursing Affairs, was the senior examiner, and designed the tasks, which took place over 2 days of competition.

The students demonstrated their skills by planning their own actions and techniques in emergency situations, identifying the patients needs, assessing the patients condition and communication skills, communicating with the patients relatives, and providing first aid. These tasks met the requirements of the WorldSkills Workers Championship. The competition also included a forum on 'Inclusive Education and Professional Socialisation of Persons with Disabilities' and 'Persons with Disabilities: Problems, Experience, and Outcomes', which involved a plenary session and two seminars.
Ms Maliyeva scored the maximum to take the victory, and will go on to represent the Region at the National Competition in Moscow. Second was Mr Goran, and Mr Malyarevich came third.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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