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BNRU Hosts Bioecology Forum

The Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology was the venue for the 15th International Bioecology Conference on 'Biological Species in the Structural and Functional Hierarchy of the Biosphere'

The forum is important for being a focus for scientific papers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This year saw 64 academic papers from 123 authors from 36 Institutes in 6 countries, namely, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and France. This year's conference drew academics from Russia and Ukraine, as well as students and postgraduates from BNRU.

Professor Igor Konstantinov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, opened proceedings. He underlined his belief that meetings of this type were still an important way of sharing new ideas and are still relevant, even in the age of the internet. Professor Irina Spichak, Director of the Institute, pointed out that 15 years of the forum marks a significant moment, proving the steady development of the field, and expressed her wish that it continue to accrue participants and expand further.

The first day of the conference was devoted to a general problem in biology, the concept of a biological species in terms of their genetic, morphological, functional and environmental qualities. The conference heard reports from Dr Victoria Kharchenko from Lugansk, Ukraine, Dr Marina Baskevich and Dr Vasily Malygin from Moscow, Dr Evgenia Novikov from Novosibirsk, and Dr Vladimir Kaplin from St. Petersburg. The papers touched on fundamental theories in bioecology and more practical aspects of study. It is hoped that the conference will lead to further research and joint projects.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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