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Live Streamed Lecture Tackles Sad and Serious Subject

Dr Evgenia Pchyolkina gave an online lecture entitled 'Socio-Psychological Distress as a Risk Factor for Suicidal Behaviour in Children and Adolescents'

Dr Pchyolkina, an Associate Professor at BNRU's Department of General and Clinical Psychology, posited that child and adolescent suicide is the most tragic form of aberrative psychological behaviour in Russia today. Her lecture examined the risk of suicidal behaviour among children and adolescents posed by socio-psychological distress caused by society, school, peers, family, and spiritual unfulfilment. She identified the chief culprit, saying,
The family affects a child to a much greater degree than external factors, such as school and the media, therefore as a rule suicides happen because of family problems, although problems at school can play a role.
Dr Pchyolkina acknowledged the significance of peer groups, the importance of deep personal ties with peers for adolescents, manifested in their need to find a friend. She outlined the social and psychological characteristics of family distress, and its effects on morale. She noted that the complex causes of suicide make it impossible to find a 'silver bullet' that can be used to alleviate the situation. Furthermore, the contributing factors may not be obvious, and each individual has a unique set of circumstances that contribute to their suicidal state.

Dr Pchyolkina mentioned the University's efforts to prevent suicidal behaviour among our own students. BNRU is running a 'Psychological Service' through the Pedagogical Institute's Faculty of Psychology, which is implementing a program designed to help first year students adapt to university life, and seeking to identify and assist at-risk students.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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