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A Remarkable Gift to Our Equestrian School

Regional Deputy Alexander Shumeiko has gifted four Trakehner thoroughbred horses to BNRU's Equestrian School

Deputy Shumeiko's generous gift represents a significant expansion in the School's ability to compete in Eventing and Dressage. The Trakehner is a German Warmblood breed of horse originating in Prussia. The breed has seen success at Olympic and International level. Nikolai Vodyanitski, Director of the Equestrian School, was happy to receive them, saying,

We now have another three stallions and a mare to add to our stable. All of the horses are young, between two to four years old. In horse breeding, it is traditional to include the first letter of the sire's name in the names of the descendants. In this case (P) the horses are called Hapok, Alpey, Opal and Perspectiva. This is a great gift and the horses show a lot of promise. I am certain that these additions will allow our students to reach new heights in competition, as well as become beloved of the schoolchildren who visit us here.

 Tatiana Antsifirova. Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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