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The Russian-Uzbek Business Incubator Completes Its First Phase

This federally sponsored project is aimed at forging closer academic and business ties between our two countries. BNRU was the main host for the first phase, which was conducted over the course of two weeks

The project is financed by a grant offered for inspirational ideas by the Federal Youth Agency, and is run by BNRU's chapter of the Russian Union of Youth, the Central Council of the Uzbek Union of Youth, and the Republic of Uzbekistan Centre for Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship (RUCSYE). 20 participants, from here and Uzbekistan, took part in a series of lectures, visits and classes. The course was designed to give these young people a deeper understanding of the processes and barriers they might encounter in realising their plans. They had the opportunity to get involved with local businesses in Belgorod, and to take part in negotiations. Participants also received valuable insight into the legal technicalities surrounding international trade, and were tutored on accounting. They also heard tips and advice on how to attract investment into their business project.
The Russian phase of the Business Incubator ended on 13th October, with the awarding of certificates detailing their new found 'Project Management' skills. Among the achievements of the project were the approval of business plans implementing joint projects in agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism. It is hoped that these project agreements will be completed in Uzbekistan during the second phase of the work, taking place in November of this year.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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