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BNRU Scientists Wow the Crowds

Our University presented cutting-edge projects in 3D printing and advanced metallurgy at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre outside Moscow. The annual 'Open Innovations' forum is organised by the Ministry of Education and Science

The 3D printer 'AnyMaker 2R' and a mock-up of a Microarc Oxidation (MAO) processing facility, were the two projects selected in July 2018 for inclusion in this year's exhibition. The forum provides investors and scientists with an opportunity to share ideas and witness inventions in action. Competition is strong, with the Ministry considering applications from across the Russian Federation, so inclusion in the exhibition is considered prestigious.

Dr Yuri Maslakov, Director of 'BNRU Testing and Measuring Instruments' LLC, gave a demonstration of the capabilities of the 'AnyMaker 2R' 3D printing system, cleverly combining our projects by printing out a substance which was then oxidised using the new MAO technology. He then went on to print out other amusing and interesting things. In this way he was able to take people through the procedure step-by-step and in real time. He also gave a formal presentation on the features and technical characteristics of the printer, and listed the ways in which it was ground-breaking.

BNRU was invited by the Ministry to organise a seminar on 'Forming and Strengthening Cooperation between Higher Education and Business'. As part of this, Dr Alexander Zhikharev, BNRU's Director of Student and Postgraduate Research, presented the 'UFOModeler' software system. It featured in the presentation of his 'Software Tools for Process and System Simulation Modelling' project. He also took time to relate the story of BNRU's development of international partnerships, and something of the culture of success that brought BNRU to this prestigious event. This is the third event this year, where our attendance has been requested by the Ministry of Education and Science. In April BNRU took part in the 'GosZakaz' government procurement forum, as part of the Ministry's own presentation, and in August we were part of the Ministry of Defence's 'Army 2018' exhibition, when the Ministry asked us to present our technology at the 'Innovation Club' stand, showcasing the latest in military systems technology.

 Svetlana Shatokhina Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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