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BNRU Gives Blood

'Donor Day' saw over 70 students and staff give blood to the Belgorod Region Blood Transfusion Service, but we can do better...

This is the 12th time BNRU has hosted the drive. The blood is used to save lives across the Region. It is screened for infection and then goes where it is needed. This time the Service was able to take away 25 litres for immediate use.

If you can spare the time and are feeling fit and healthy, your blood could be used to save the life of a mother and baby, a transplant patient or a victim of an accident. Check the Transfusion Service website for details, or ask the University Medical Service for details of where you can donate.

The Belgorod Region Blood Transfusion Service can be found at donor-bel.belzdrav.ru

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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