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Foreign Song Contest for Schoolchildren

The Contest is held annually at BNRU, and organised by the Pedagogical Institute's Foreign Languages Department. This year 200 schoolchildren from the Region gathered to participate and cheer each other on

The competition was created by Dr Ksenia Rakova, of the Department of Teaching Methodology, and tasks final year students with organising the children they meet when they go away on their placements in October. This year, for example, with the help of her host school, Student Teacher Oksana Posokhova managed to arrange four songs in foreign languages for this year's competition. These were four of the 30 songs that were performed at this year's event in English, Spanish, and German. Many children had also arranged dances and brought theatrical props.

The jury consisted of Dr Rakova's colleagues from the Pedagogical Institute, Dr Stella Yanutik, Dr Elena Bezrukova, Dr Natalia Zimovets, and Dr Elena Belfer, from the University Trade Union, who also sponsor the event.
In the Junior Group Alisa Ivanova, representing Gymnasium No. 2, won for her German 'liede', Anastasia Kucherenko, of Secondary School No. 36, won for her English song, and Victoria Bezrukova, who is at Secondary school No. 4, won the prize for her Spanish 'canta'. The winning entry in the Intermediate Group was performed by the pupils in Year 9 at Secondary School No. 45, who performed 'Zusammen'. In the Senior Group, Anastasia Sakhno, from Gymnasium No. 12, took top spot. All of the children received award certificates, and enjoyed a performance by the children of the University's Summer School for Schoolchildren, 'ShIK', and met the head of the 'UP MIND' Educational Development Centre, Alexander Lyalchenko, who gave them advice on education and career development.

 E. Stronina Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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