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Global Recognition for Our Physical Sciences

When the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings for 2019 are published, BNRU will be on the list. In a relatively short time, our Physical Science work has put us into the 601-800 ranking bracket

Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BSNRU, was accompanied by Professor Andrei Peresypkin and Dr Olesya Serkina, to the 25th '5-100 Project' Conference, and the Times Higher Education (THE) Research Excellence Summit being held at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS in Moscow. Professor Peresypkin and Dr Serkina were there in their capacity as managers of the University's Strategic Development Plan. The heads of 28 Russian universities were invited to a ceremony of congratulations by THE, and between them were represented in all four categories of the rating: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Psychology, and Preclinical, Clinical Studies and Health Protection. 26 of the 28 achieved a ranking in Physical Sciences. We shared our 601-800 bracket with 4 universities in the '5-100 Project', namely the Far Eastern Federal University, the Lobachevsky University, RUDN University, and the South Ural State University.

The Rector is rightly proud of this achievement, which is a vindication of the Competitive Program adopted in 2013 by BNRU, which was designed to bear fruit up to 2020. He commented that,

We are proud to be among the Russian universities included in the Physical Sciences rankings. This is in line with what we expected, as we have been in the top 100 of Shanghai Cooperation Organisations rating in Metallurgical Engineering for two years in a row. This is another step in the right direction as it improves on last year's 801-1000 ranking. I would like to congratulate all my colleagues and I especially want to highlight that, of the 28 universities included in the ranking, 16 are participants in the 5-100 Project, which gives them extra federal support. Competing with such privileged universities using only our own internal resources, makes this news all the more impressive.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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