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The Future of Medicine

The BelExpoCentre in Belgorod was the venue for the annual 'Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Dentistry, and Health & Beauty' exhibition. It draws interest from neighbouring Regions, not least due to BNRU's presentation of it's latest technology

The exhibition is sponsored by the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and organised by the Belgorod's Regional Department of Health and Social Protection, and our own Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This year, the exhibition hosted more than 150 organisations from Belgorod Region and beyond. Those involved demonstrated products at all stages of development, from concept to the finished project, ready for sale.
BNRU's Medical Institute and Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, are regular participants. The Medical Institute presented its simulation technology, which gives students the opportunity to train in techniques without damaging the public. The Simulation Centre opened in 2017, and its state-of-the-art simulation programs, mean our medics are always learning to deal with various situations as they occur in real-life medicine. Their stand was popular, as people had an opportunity to test out the simulation equipment, and could get a free medical check up for blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen saturation, as well as general medical advice.

The Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology's Department of General Chemistry and Department of Food Technology were on hand to show off their latest food technology research. This included their latest antibacterial enterosorbent 'SMECTIS-S' water purification chemical, which reduces the pollution of natural surface waters, and can reduce the number of gastrointestinal and oncological diseases in the general population, and significantly reduce the effect of radioactive and heavy elements on animals and humans. They also demonstrated foods based on biologically active substances and chemicals that aid in the production of drugs and cosmetics.
There were other stands being run by BNRU, where we showcased projects like 'Cellular and Assisted Reproductive Technology', and 'Tissue Engineering'. Visitors could also see demonstrations of associated products, such as tissue-engineering machines, products for regenerative medicine (e.g. biological material carriers), and products for cellular and assisted reproductive technology (e.g. microtools). The organisers handed BNRU a total of 12 prizes in recognition of our efforts and achievements.

 Svetlana Shatokhina Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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