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You Can't Argue with Success in International Debates

Anastasia Kravchenko and Daria Golovina, won the 'Union Debating League', run by the Russian and Belarusian Unions of Youth, which took place at the Russian Union of Youth headquarters in Moscow

Ms Kravchenko and Ms Golovina are studying at the Institute of Economics and Management. They made it through two qualifying rounds to get to the final, which involved 8 of the best young debaters in Russia and Belarus working in pairs. The theme was the 20th anniversary of the union of Russia and Belarus, known as the Union State. The teams were divided into 'Government' and 'Opposition'. The Government side were tasked with making convincing arguments for an 'Innovation Trade Fair', and an online 'Hit Like to Support the Union State' campaign. The Opposition team were tasked with convincing the Government team to implement a comprehensive mentoring project, aimed at connecting experts and leaders with young people in an online forum. Our team was fully supported by their teachers at the Institute, and displayed confidence and eloquence when presenting their case. Ms Golovina said that the most valuable part of the experience was the opportunity to communicate with fellow students from Belarus and other regions of Russia. Ms Kravchenko shared her impressions of the competition, saying,
The Union Debating League is a great way to learn about basic science, as well as understand the developmental dynamics of various aspects of society. Thanks to the experts who oversaw the competition, we have become better versed in the processes as they are in our countries.

They weren't the only debaters to be successful recently. The BNRU Debating Society had two of their own in the Grand Final of the National Debating Championship. Anne Belous and Anastasia Abramova, studying at the Law Institute, won the Central Federal District Regional Student Debating Championship in Moscow. This gave Yuri Fisenko, the head of the Society, a chance to network with the organisers of the National Championship, with a view to growing interest in debating at BNRU.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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