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Food Technology Investment Fair

The Belgorod Investment Corporation was the venue for the inaugural 'Start-Up: Land' investment fair, in line with the government backed 'FoodNet' National Technology Initiative

FoodNet is the government's drive to introduce smart agriculture, accelerated selection, affordable organic materials, and new technology into the production and sale of food. 62 projects applied to be in this year's 'Start-Up: Land' competition, which was sponsored by the Belgorod Investment Corporation, the Belye Krylya (White Wings) Private Investors Association and the EFKO Food Group. 36 projects were selected for the fair and 15 participants had the chance to demonstrate their innovations to the expert panel for a chance to win one of three prizes.

Evgeny Savchenko, Governor of Belgorod Region, personally inspected the exhibition. He was impressed by the standard and the subjects chosen for research projects, like soil exhaustion and food supply, which are of great importance at the moment. He suggested that such fairs be held annually.
BNRU had 7 projects included in the fair, with 2 going before the panel. Dr Juliana Kruty, of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology, did a good job of presenting her project, but it was Vladimir Yatsenko, a postgraduate at the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technology, who took away one of the prizes with his project, 'An Automatic Phytospectrum Control System for Growing Plants'. The project won the prize, a face-to-face investment meeting, in the 'Project with High Investment Potential' category.

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