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Award for Belgorod State University Tech Business

When the municipality organised a competition for the best small enterprise in Belgorod, BelSU's GeoStroyMonitoring entered the fray

The City of Belgorod runs annual competitions aimed at fostering support for small businesses in the town in two categories, 'Best Small Enterprise' and 'Best Small Innovative Enterprise'. The entrants were, naturally, from diverse sectors, so to determine the winners, the judging panel relied on economic indicators. These included, the amount paid in wages, the number of jobs created, economic efficiency, and product quality.
GeoStroyMonitoring Belgorod State University won their prize in the 'Best Small Innovative Enterprise in Construction'. The company has created data-gathering systems that monitor the physical condition of engineering support structures. However, they have discovered that it is useful in a diverse number of situations requiring accurate monitoring in minute detail. The technology can be used anywhere that has internet access.

The director of GeoStroyMonitoring BNRU is Dr Evgeny Vorobyov, from BelSU's Department of Applied Geology and Mining. The main application of this technology is in the mining industry, and the Gremyachinsky mine in Volgograd Region is the largest customer so far. Dr Vorobyov explained that the system is best applied as a safety device, saying,

Our monitoring system allows timely detection of the onset of mechanical degradation in the structures supporting buildings under construction, which can lead to sudden collapse. We believe that it would be expedient to introduce such a system on objects under construction in Belgorod Region, such as the Aquapark, and the Belogoria Volleyball Arena.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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