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Belgorod State University Journalism Students Win PR Award

The venue for the 'PR Specialist of the Year' 3rd annual Belgorod Regional PR Awards was 'Boiling Point, Belgorod', the PR platform created by the 'Razvitya (Development) Corporation'. Our students won the 'Best Student PR Project' award

The competition is organised by the Belgorod Public Relations Club. Alina Martirosyan and Sergei Mulyavoi, studying at the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications' Faculty of Journalism, won their award for the 'MYATA (mint) Student Advertising Mini-office'. Winners in other categories included many alumni. Valeria Nedosekova won with her 'Football Festival' project, Alexander Nerubenko was awarded for his successful 'Zima' (winter) restaurant and bar campaign, and judges were impressed by Olga Sabylinskaya, who presented three projects undertaken for small business. Alexei Kritsky, Director of ABIREG.RU, the largest PR agency in Voronezh, was suitably impressed by the high standards of the projects. Prizes were handed out by Svetlana Gubina, Director of the Club, and Dr Evgeny Kozhemyakin, Head of the Communications, Advertising and Public Relations Department at BNRU.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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