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The Belgorod Lilac Project Is in Full-Swing

Belgorod State University's Botanical Garden hosted a meeting detailing future plans to make Belgorod a paradise for lovers of lilacs

The meeting involved Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of the University, his colleague Dr Valentin Zatenatsky, Vice-Rector for Construction and Commerce, and Anna Gamurak, Head of the Regional Transport Infrastructure Department. They started by reviewing the project to date. The Rector said that the targets had been exceeded and handed the floor to Dr Valery Tokhtar for a briefing. Dr Tokhtar reported that the pathways and sprinkler systems had been built to plan in the Lilac Cultivation Area, and that samples had been gathered from al 22 municipal districts ready for planting in a lilac grove, and which will be used in research.

Ms Gamurak commented that this kind of work was of an international standard, adding,

The rapid implementation of this project is impressive. After a year of work we are now in a position to ask for samples from the US and Canada, and other leading lilac cultivators, so that we can create a comprehensive collection.

The Rector felt confident enough to order the construction of a second Lilac Cultivation Area to cope with the success of the project. He revealed the reason for this rapid expansion,

Thanks to the initiative and support of Evgeny Savchenko, the Regional Governor, we were able to do a great job right from the off. The time has come to step out into the international arena, without compromising the rate of our expansion in the University, and while continuing to replenish our lilac collection. This year, the Botanical Garden will celebrate its 20th anniversary. To mark this, we are developing a new concept for the Garden, which will expand its science work, but also include a huge recreational park, which will not only be a resource for the University, but also for the citizens of the whole Region.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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