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International Patent for a Medical Device

Belgorod State University has been granted a patent in Belarus for a coating for metal used in surgery

The patent (PCT/RU2015/000933) is for the invention of a 'Method for Forming a Bioactive Coating on the Surface of Large Joint Endoprostheses', and was submitted for work by Professor Yuri Kolobov, Dr Maxim Ivanov, and Dr Georgy Khramov. It became effective on 14th January 2019. Our University was the venue for this, and initiated a project to start high-tech production at the Zverev Medical Factory in Krasnogorsk, sponsored by the Ministry for Education and Science. The team created a high-tech production method for hip and knee joint endoprostheses, based on titanium alloys and using innovative technology for applying bioactive coatings to the elements of endoprostheses. This improves their biocompatibility with living tissues and integrates better with the bone. In the Russian Federation, this method is already protected by patent (No. 2598626 of 27th September 2016). Professor Kolobov commented on the Belarusian patent, saying,

Getting a patent abroad is very important for our University. One reason is that this allows us to defend our exclusive rights to the methods detailed in the patent, in the countries where it is registered. This means that companies wishing to produce equipment using our system will have to work with us, which may benefit further research and also bring pecuniary benefits.

2018 saw the University file for two other patents in foreign countries. In Vietnam we secured a patent (No. 1-2018-0165) for the invention of a 'Method for Obtaining a Composite Sorbent with Magnetic Properties',invented by Dr Pham Thanh Min, Dr Olga Lebedeva, and Dr Le Van Thuan, active from 19th April 2018. The other was filed in Kazakhstan, and the patent (No. KZ 2018 / 0831.2) for an 'X-ray Fluorescent Wire Scanner of Ionizing Radiation Beam Profiles' invented by Dr Ramazan Nachmudinov, Dr P V Karataev, Dr Alexander Kubankin, and Dr Anna Kapliy, became active from November last year.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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