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IT Careers Day

Belgorod State University's Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies played a central role in a Regional promotional open day for schoolchildren called 'How I Became a Professional', aimed at demystifying the process whereby one gets a job in IT

Professor Konstantin Polshchikov, and his colleagues from the Institute, gave a presentation to the year 9-11 pupils about the Institute and its work. He told them about life as a student at the Institute, and told them about the opportunities for what he calls the 'Engineering Special Forces', to receive money for work on research projects. He used the occasion to advertise the Institute's 'Open Day', which will be on 26th January at 11am.

The pupils then got to hear from graduates of the Institute, who have gone on to successful careers in IT and management. Among others, they met: Dmitry Zadokhin, Head of the Centre for Regional IT Industrial Development at the Belgorod Information Fund; Elena Ilinskaya, who runs the Career Guidance Project at the Institute; Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Director of the 'Integrate' IT company; Alexei Likhosherstny, the Lead Mathematician and Programmer at the ATM Centre, a computer modelling company based in Skolkovo; and Ivan Teslenko, Head of Belgorod's Federal Tax Service Inspectorate. Each of them gave a short account of their career and took questions from the young people. They all described the positive role that the Institute had played in getting them to where they were.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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