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International Students Receive Accolades

The Cross-Cultural Communication Centre is a hub for foreign students studying at Belgorod State University. As part of the Student's Day celebrations, they mounted an exhibition there, which showcased artefacts and depictions of their own culture

University students were able to vote in an online poll to decide their favourite presentation, and around 3,000 votes were counted. The Armenian and Afghan exhibits were deemed most interesting, but the Middle Eastern and African exhibitions were also popular.

On a busy day for Dr Svetlana Ostrikova, Vice-Rector for Policy and Educational Affairs, she nevertheless found time to come and hand out prizes to our foreign students, who have been particularly active in University life this year. Apart from putting on this 'Global Cultures' exhibition, for which the winners received Russian Dolls, Dr Ostrikova awarded certificates for the charity work many had performed over the holiday season and throughout the year. She also handed certificates to participants in the 7th Belgorod Cultural Festival.

The Trades Union Committee provided prizes for the quiz that was held afterwards, which was all about testing students' knowledge of different cultures around the world, which was organised by Alina Timoshenko, of the International Students Office

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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