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EFKO Internships

8th February sees the launch of the third year of internships for Belgorod State University students. The 'Career Breakthrough' program is run in partnership with the EFKO Group

The scheme is more than just an opportunity to work with a major local employer. The University helps to run a course on the various skills needed in modern business. Selection is via a competition based on the EFKO business model. The students put forward a potential money-making idea, and the company will take them through the process by which an idea becomes a product.

In general, students benefit from classes, lectures and training conducted by the University, and active professionals from EFKO's Innovation Centre, many of whom are alumni of our University. The program will involve mentoring the students, touring facilities, lessons on marketing, targeted campaigning, management, and public speaking and presentation. The students will be incentivised to perform, with prizes and rewards.
The launch for this year's program will coincide with National Science Day, and will take place in the Academic Council Chamber on the 10th floor of Corpus 12 at 2pm.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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