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'Career Breakthrough' on Science Day

National Science Day was celebrated in style, as our partners from the EFKO Group joined Belgorod State University for the launch of this year's Career Breakthrough program

Irina Tarasova and Angelica Kolbas, from EFKO's Innovation Research Centre, attended the launch with staff and students from the University, along with some high school students. Dr Alexander Zhikharev, Head of the Research Department at the University, gave a summary of 2018's program. He said that more than 5,500 high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and Junior Researchers took part in research, securing a large number of awards in more than 300 events, including the South-West Festival of Science, and the Russian-Uzbek Business Incubator. Ms Tarasova then spoke about life as a scientist at EFKO, and the Group's involvement with the Career Breakthrough program.

The launch came after a day that was filled with presentations and science seminars, and culminated in the prize-giving ceremony for winners of the 'Faces of Science' and 'Window on Science' competitions, sponsored by the Student Science Society. First place awards in various categories of the 'Faces of Science' competition went to Alexander Domanin, Denis Kholodov and Vadim Vorobyov. Seconds were picked up by Yulia Zhuiko, Daria Morozova, and Ilya Natsvin. There were third place prizes for Anastasia Klimchenko and Natalia Pashchenko. A team award, 'Chemistry Geniuses of Russia' was given to the authors of a textbook produced by the Institute of Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biology. Medical student, Igor Bakchkalov was given an Outstanding Achievement Award. Dr Zhikharev's colleague Dr Vadim Mishunin presented the awards and closed the event with a few well-chosen words of encouragement.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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