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Forensic Science Open Day a Big Success

Belgorod State University Law Institute hosted an open day themed on the skills needed in detection, and it attracted over 100 visitors from schools, law enforcement, and the University itself

Professor Evgeny Tonkov, Director of the Institute, introduced the 'Detective Club' which showcased the work done by the Institute, saying,

Forensic investigation is a very demanding specialism in this day and age. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, along with expert knowledge of the natural sciences, students have to study professional legal methods. This opens doors for them should they go on to higher legal education or specialise. The Detective Club, put on with assistance from the management of our University, is aimed at satisfying the thirst for information about forensic science, and will help schoolchildren to make up their minds about a career in law, and it will help us identify talent.

The day included a tour of the Putilin Museum of Criminology, identikit and fingerprinting tasks, and finding forged documents. The students and staff organised an adventure called 'Following the Crime', which put their new skills to the test. The Institute will introduce clubs for schoolchildren based on particular areas of interest, such as ballistics, weapons, and fingerprinting, and tie them in to existing fields of study, giving children access to the best teachers of forensics on a long-term basis.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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