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'Open' Becomes a National Resource

Open is a portal for online courses in Russian conducted and hosted by Belgorod State University, which is part of the Federal Government's 'Modern Digital Educational Environment' (MDEE) policy program of modernising education

Our University is currently the only one from the 'Black Earth' region of south-west Russia to be included in the MDEE program, which can be found at online.edu.ru. The project is aimed at integrating the educational resources across our vast country, and seeks to provide students with access to the best teaching available regardless of their geographical location. Our University is 1 of 36 portals now integrated into the system, which has more than 1000 courses available, featuring online tutors and advisers, live feed lectures, and even virtual laboratories and simulators. There are also forums attached to the courses, which allow students to interact while studying.

The Open platform can be found at open.bsu.edu.ru, and was developed under the guidance of Dr Alexander Mamatov, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, with Dr Vladimir Belenko leading the project, assisted by Dr Sergei Nemtsev, who runs the Centre for Online Learning. Dr Belenko's E-Learning Technology Department was where the main work was carried out. He explained that now the Open portal will be displayed in the Federal Course Catalogue, and will direct students to our courses. 2019 will see 7 or more courses included from Belgorod State University.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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