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Arm-Wrestling Excellence

Belgorod State University students Mikhail Kudryashov and Ksenia Ivanchuk stepped up to take on the best Juniors in the country, and now they'll represent Russia

Chekhov, in the Moscow suburbs, was the venue for the National Junior Russian Arm-Wrestling Championship. Over 600 young athletes from 57 Regions in the Russian Federation took part, with goal of qualifying for the National Squad. University coaches Mikhail Filatov and Igor Nikulin took 4 of our students to the competition with high hopes. They were not disappointed. Mr Kudryashov dominated the competition in his category, winning with both arms, and taking overall gold. In the process he reached 'National Master of Sport' level, the best you can get. Ms Ivanchuk won gold with her left, and took third overall. This means that both athletes will go to Greece and Poland for the European and World Championships and represent Russia.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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