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The Human Factor

Belgorod State University students have won the Regional leg of the national EMERCOM (Emergency Control Ministry) competition for students

The 'Human Factor' competition aims to test skills associated with emergency situations, which include First Aid and Crisis Counselling to help with the aftermath of trauma, for victims and witnesses. Vadim Lisovsky, Deputy Chief Officer of the Regional EMERCOM, handed out first prize to team 'SAT', which consists of Sofia Shchekina, Anastasia Vyskrebentseva and Timur Shvalyuk. A team from Belgorod State Technical University took second place, and both teams will go on to the second stage in Tula.

Team SAT members are no strangers to EMERCOM. Last year they volunteered to participate in EMERCOM's 'Psychological Support' teams. They came up with an interactive app that teaches children appropriate behaviour in emergency situations. Ms Shchekina and Ms Vyskrebentseva were thanked for their efforts by Dr Yulia Shoygu, Director of the National Emergency Psychological Support Centre, part of EMERCOM. Mr Shvalyuk was congratulated by Major-General Sergey Potapov, the Chief Officer of Belgorod Regional EMERCOM.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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