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Belgorod State University's Institute for Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations (CCCIR) held a series of seminars and forums discussing postgraduate programs offered by the Institute

This is the first time that the CCCIR has run its 'Winter School for Graduate Students', and it saw 45 students take part. The event was organised and run by the Director of the Institute, Professor Olga Prokhorova, and involved all of the senior staff and teachers from the CCCIR, including Professor Jerome Bagana, Professor Igor Chekulai, Professor Elena Mikhailova, Dr Olga Dekhnich, Dr Vladimir Pugach, Dr Oksana Kuzmina, and Dr Tatyana Pristinskaya.

Professors Prokhorova, Bagana, and Mikhailova told the future postgraduate students about the content and benefits of the programs, and got them familiar with the rules and the requirements for admission. Dr Pristinskaya talked about modern areas of linguistic and philological research at our University. Professor Chekulai conducted a master class on 'Linguoaxiology in the Modern Language Space', and Professor Bagana discussed 'Contact Linguistics' with students.

Postgraduate students Ekaterina Bekh, Stanislav Bulgakov, and Alina Sirotenko also shared their experiences. Ms Bekh spoke enthusiastically on the importance of postgraduate education and the benefits of postgraduate study. Ms Sirotenko, a third year postgraduate student, talked about her year abroad studying at the University of Côte d'Azur in France, on a postgraduate double degree program. She described the differences between the Russian and French approaches to research. Mr Bulgakov gave a talk on using modern technology and techniques to work with scientific and educational material, allowing its effective use when writing a dissertation. All put together, the forum will have proven useful, as a way of helping students make up their minds about continuing in higher education.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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