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Young Engineers Meet Investors

With the 'StartUp: Land, Industry' trade competition currently under way, Dr Andrei Aleinikov explains how he prepared his students at Belgorod State University's Open Engineering School

The competition will be held at our Centre for Youth Initiative (Student Union) today and tomorrow, and investors will get to see projects and meet the project leaders. This is the culmination of a program of classes that ended with a demonstration on 'Mechatronics and Engineering'. Dr Aleinikov explained,
First and foremost, we develop creative, non-systemic thinking in young people, which allows them to work in a team and solve the tasks assigned to them by thinking outside the box. Everyone gets skills training in robotics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering.
Certificates were awarded for completing the course, and the best projects were selected for the competition.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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