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Massage Therapy Competition

Dmitri Tarasov and Dmitri Plesovsky, alumni of Belgorod State University, participated in the 7th Annual Massage Therapy Competition for the Visually Impaired, held in the picturesque spa town of Kislovodsk, in the North Caucasus mountains

The Kislovodsk Medical College was the venue for the open Competition. Dr Mikhail Eryomushkin from the Russian Ministry of Health, who is an expert in massage and spa treatments, chaired the judging panel, as the competitors were tested on their technique in various methods and anatomical areas. Mr Tarasov and Mr Plesovsky were commended for their efforts and received Certificates of Distinction.

Both are graduates of the University's 'Students with Disabilities: Medical Massage' program, part of our program of community outreach, devoting our resources to community groups which could do with the help. Until recently the two were mentored by Dr Svetlana Zhukova, Director of the Engineering College, her colleague Dr Marina Malykhina, and Vladimir Pushkarev, a leading massage therapist at the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities. The team was on hand to help prepare them again. Mr Plesovsky won 3rd place in the Spa category for his 'Perfect Lady' massage, which he devised for the competition. Mr Tarasov won his category in the 'Mastering Health' competition. The competition also acts as a networking forum and trade fair, and success can advance your career significantly.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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