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Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, chaired a meeting of the University Council with guests from the UK-based Times Higher Education World University Ranking (THEWUR)

Michael Caruana and Duncan Ross, currently working for THEWUR's Strategic Solutions Department, were invited to a strategy meeting to advise the Academic Council and selected colleagues on further progress up the rankings. The Rector's opening address focussed on the special attention paid to the positioning of our University in the ratings, saying,

This year we entered three THEWUR listings. This is a great achievement for our team, but we must move on. In the near future, we will take part in the creation of a Regional Research and Educational Centre, and we will focus on developing microbiology, pharmacology, genetics and associated subjects. I hope that we will be included in the rankings for these subjects in future.

Mr Ross then gave a brief overview of the data sources and method used by THEWUR, and spoke about the role of ratings in global higher education. Mr Ross then presented an in-depth analysis of the position of the Belgorod State University, comparing us with competing universities. The men then advised the Council on ways to improve our standing in the future. Mr Ross noted the enthusiasm shown by the staff, commenting,

I am impressed with your university, and your desire to occupy high positions in the global educational space. I consider it a great achievement to get the university into the world rankings. A university is a complex system and can be assessed from many different angles. We try to assess fairly, taking into consideration Regional priorities and cultural idiosyncrasies, and the educational system within the university's home country.

The Rector was keen to underline the efforts made by the university to create international academic partnerships. He thanked colleagues for the efforts they continue to make that propel our University up the rankings, and thanked our guests for an enlightening talk that will feed into the University's future strategic development.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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