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Our Lilacs Go Global

The International Lilac Society's 'Lilacs' magazine has featured an article co-authored by Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, and Dr Valery Tokhtar, Director of the Educational Research Centre at the University's Botanical Garden

The article, written in English, is about the 'Belgorod Lilac' project, and appears in the Spring 2019 edition. The magazine is the official forum for all things Lilac related. Last year the magazine featured an article on the 'International Syringa 2018' conference held in Moscow and St Petersburg to honour the life and work of Leonid Kolesnikov, born 125 years previously, who did so much to foster lilac cultivation in the Soviet Union. This article follows up from that report. The Rector and Dr Tokhtar describe the 'Belgorod Lilac' project in detail, charting the initial concept, through the preparation of the irrigation system and planting area, and the installation of a centrepiece fountain in the shape of a lilac. 463 plants of 169 varieties have already been planted, with a further 72 cultivars awaiting transplant in the greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens.

Publication in the magazine was made possible with help from Tatyana Polyakova, Vice President of the Russia and Asia section of the International Lilac Society. Dr Tokhtar underlined her importance, saying,
Publication in one of the most prestigious magazines for lilac specialists from all over the world, will undoubtedly attract attention, and will put the Belgorod Lilac project on the global stage.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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