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Our High Technology Wows in St Petersburg

Projects led by Belgorod State University's Dr Igor Konstantinov, Dr Sergei Sergeyev, and Dr Rustam Kaibyshev, won gold awards at the 'High Technology. Innovation. Investment.' exhibition, a showcase for cutting edge science in the Russian Federation

The exhibition is part of the North West Technical Fair, held annually in Russia's second city. There were five project from our University on show. Dr Konstantinov's team won a gold medal for their 'Digital Module for UV Communications' project. Dr Sergeyev's project won for his team's 'IMPULS-D2: A Method for Applying Gradient Detonation Coatings' project. Dr Kaibyshev and his team won top prize for their work on 'Developing Technology for Producing Homogeneous Welded Joints from Aluminium Alloys Using Friction Stir Welding'. This was the first time that the first two projects listed above have been exhibited anywhere. At time of writing, there are no comparable technologies available in Russia for these three projects, and they therefore won gold medals. Dr Sergei Lazarev, a colleague of Dr Konstantinov, explained the significance of their project,

This technology can be used for the manufacture and testing of the installation series of digital communication modules for mobile devices, that use ultraviolet data transmission channels for wireless self-organizing special-purpose networks. The novelty of this development lies in the use of a UV communication channel with re-reflections based on MIMO technology, which will mitigate against the problems of working in difficult terrain conditions that cause interference and obstacles to signal disposal.

Dr Sergeyev explained the importance of his teams work, saying that the IMPULS-D2 system has been created for applying functional gas-thermal coatings of a new type onto a wide range of engineering products, specifically transport engineering, and aircraft engine building. Functional coatings applied with the help of this technology are used for a wide range of different tasks in engineering, such as protection against corrosion and wearing, even at elevated temperatures and in aggressive environments. Coating is applied to restore the shape and size of parts which increases service life after repair. IMPULS-D2 can also be used to apply heat-shielding coatings, and friction and anti-friction coatings.
There were silver medals for Dr Alexander Kubankin's project 'A Miniature Controlled Neutron Generator Based on Oriented Nanotubes', Dr Konstantinov's other project, 'The Tactical Camera: A Method and Device for Producing a Three-Dimensional Stabilised Panoramic Image', and Dr Kaibyshev's other project, 'A New Generation of Heat-Resistant Wire Rods for High-Voltage Power Lines'. Our University was commended by the organisers for our commitment to the exhibition, and the development of high tech industries in the Russian Federation.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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