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Project Management in a German Way

Belgorod State University welcomed Nils Bickenbach from the DAAD, currently working at Don State Technical University in Rostov-on-Don. He was in town for a two day project instructing students on how to use a German project management system

The seminar was run by the Institute for Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations, and involved training on the 'Selbsgemacht (2)' (Do It Yourself 2) system, which is part of the 'Projektmanagement in der Linguistik' (Linguistic Project Management) program. The course was for 4th and 5th year translation students specialising in German. Dr Oksana Kuzmina and Dr Tatiana Pristinskaya had been busy preparing the students for the program, by encouraging them to produce topics for the project system. In the end, these included environmental protection, volunteering, and methods of teaching foreign languages. The system collates all the information gathered, coordinates budgets, suggests tasks, and can be used for presentations.

The Selbsgemacht system is widely used in German business, and is a useful, practical, and fun way of mastering the German language. The teachers, including Herr Bickenbach, were impressed by the skill and enthusiasm shown by the students, and were very pleased with the resulting presentations.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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