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Celebrating and Negotiating in Bulgaria

Professor Elena Safronova and Dr Andrei Papkov, from Belgorod State University, went to Veliko Tarnovo University to take part in our partner's celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Tarnovo Constitution, a founding document of the Bulgarian State

Professor Safronova works at our Law Institute, and Dr Papkov is Dean of the History and Philology Department, so they were ideal candidates to represent us at the event. President Rumen Radev's presence added weight to proceedings, which took place among an extraordinary assembly of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court. After the formal occasion, our team took the opportunity to meet with their colleagues, and students from the Law Institute, to discuss the joint programs currently under way, and flesh out future plans. In a meeting with the Rector, Professor Hristo Bondzholov, they updated him on the Belgorod Magnitka project, an effort to document the sizeable contribution made to rebuilding Belgorod after the war by Bulgarian specialists. They then visited the History Faculty, where they sought and received agreements on cooperation with the Belgorod Branch of the Byzantine Club, and the International Centre for the History of Neighbourhood and Identity Problems. Then it was on to the Faculty of Philology, where they discussed joint programs in Russian Philology.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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