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Federal Grants: Approved!

The Federally backed UMNIK Fund has approved 8 projects put forward by researchers from Belgorod State University. The fund gives backing for projects involving innovation in IT, material science, medical tech, electronic hardware, and biotechnology

The 8 were chosen from 56 projects put forward by our young researchers, and will receive grants of ₽500,000 (7,000). 7 of the grants were awarded at Regional level by the Innovation Promotion Foundation, which sent a review panel to inspect the projects submitted. There were a total of 17 grants across the Region. The 8th grant was awarded in Moscow to Vladimir Kiselyov at the UMNIK-Technet national tech innovation competition. The postgraduate's project is called 'Developing an Adaptive Multi-spectral Illumination System'. The Regional UMNIK grants went to:
Maxim Baknin for 'Developing a System for the Monitoring and Detection of Sludge on Using a Resistive-Acoustic Control Method'

Diana Dobrodomova for 'Developing a Technology for the Synthesis of Diacetonitrile' (an important block in the synthesis of medicinal and agricultural treatment substances)
Elena Ivakhno for 'Developing a Hardware/Software Simulation Model for Surgical Interventions on the Vessels of the Lower Limb and the Diagnosis of Disease'
Marina Odnobokova for 'Developing Processing Technology for Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Ships Operating in the Cold Oceans'
Vitaly Sokolovsky for 'Developing Technology for Producing Blanks for Gas Turbine Engines from an Alloy Based on Gamma Titanium Aluminide Mixed with Rare-Earth Metals'

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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