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Lexicography and Communication 2019

Belgorod State University hosted its 5th annual Lexicography and Communication conference at the Pedagogical Institute's Faculty of Foreign Languages, involving experts from Russia, France, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine

The theme for the conference was current issues in modern lexicography and communication, and whether the state of national languages and communication processes are adequate in a modern ever-changing world. The noted French linguist, Professor Jean Pruvost, took the helm, and reviewed all the submitted articles. Chief among the contributors was our own Professor Arkady Sedykh, who delivered a report on neologisms that appeared in Russian, French, English and German in 2018 at the plenary meeting. Professor Sergei Garagul, from Belgorod State Technical University, discussed his paper on the principles of constructing a cultural dictionary of English surnames. Two more of our colleagues shone at conference. Professor Evgeny Kozhemyakin, a PR expert, talked about how politicians characterise and address their audience, and linguist Professor Vera Kharchenko impressed everyone with her subject on the 'Dictionary of Reasoning in Colloquial Speech'. A monograph containing all the varied papers delivered at conference will be published in due course. It will prove a valuable source of valuable information on the theory and practice of lexicography and communication, descriptive linguistics, methods of teaching foreign languages, and using dictionaries.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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