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National Victory for Archivists

Belgorod State University students, Victoria Kosenko, Natalya Petkova, Olga Emelyanova, and Olesya Malykhina, along with supervisor Dr Lyudmila Polovneva, saw success at the Document Management and Archival Sciences National Student Competition

The competition was hosted by Penza State University. The students are from the Faculty of History and Philology at the Pedagogical Institute. This was the second, and final, round of the competition, and having only taken 3rd in the correspondence round with their project, 'The Main Issues Around Implementing Electronic Government in Belgorod Region', the team knew they needed to redouble their efforts. On the day, Ms Petkova entered the Individual competition and took an encouraging 4th spot. But the best was saved to last, as our team scooped top prize against expectations, with their re-jigged 'Document Management in the Digital Economy' presentation.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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