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Pharmacology Prize Winners Go to Skolkovo

Alexander Radchenko, Elena Kuzubova, Anna Khalikova and Anastasia Staneva, all students at Belgorod State University's Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Biology, went to the capital to attend this years 'Pharma's Cool' science fair

This is the fair's sixth year, and it brings young scientists together from across Russia for a 4-day educational event and careers open day. Our students won a competition which placed them at the centre of the 'Pharma's Cool' 3-day master class, that took a particular drug from the conceptual/research stage, right through to production. They also got to hear from recognised experts in pharmacology. They were welcomed by Dr Elena Zelentsova, the Vice-President of the Skolkovo Foundation, who is seeing her tireless efforts paying off, as the fair becomes popular across the country. She hoped that these talented young scientists would take full advantage of the careers on offer, and pay close attention to the information provided at the seminar on developing trends in Pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry. The careers fair is called, 'BioMedTech. A Glimpse at the Future'.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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