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Research in a Digital Age

Dr Konstantin Polshchikov, Director of Belgorod State University's Institute of Engineering and Digital Technology, and colleague Dr Jan Gulyaev, gave a presentation at the headquarters of Rostec, the state-owned strategic technology group of companies

Rostec is a very large organisation, and the part of it concerned with IT systems hosted the event, which was attended by Rostec employees, representatives of private IT companies, and academics. The meeting was held at the behest of Professor Nikolai Turko, an expert on technology in the military, who's aim is to get all branches of Russian tech to work together to solve the pressing problems in a digital world. This includes efficiency in production and management. In a meeting chaired by Evgeny Babayan, the Chief Designer at the 'Digital Country' advanced architectural design company, Dr Polshchikov gave a presentation on recently completed projects, and those currently under way at our university. He talked about educating the future workers of the digital economy, and painted a picture of the work we do, highlighting the commercial nature of many of our projects, particularly in the agricultural sector. He reminded those present of Belgorod State University's deserved status as the Regional hub of one of President Putin's recently announced 'Regional Research Centres'.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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