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Beating Stress

Belgorod State University students Timur Shvalyuk, Anastasia Vyskrebentseva and Sofia Shchekina, have won an area student competition at Kursk State Medical University, by identifying signs of stress, and treating a patient

The 'Stress Factor' competition involved students from western central Russia, and was organised by Kursk State Medical University, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the local Interior Ministry office. Our team are all studying psychology, and passed a preliminary round before receiving an invitation to the event. The competition involved identifying heightened emotional states and getting information from the patient, and stabilising them. Mr Shvalyuk, Ms Vyskrebentseva and Ms Shchekina successfully defended their title, having also won last year. Another team from our University, consisting of Daria Vorotyntseva, Diana Brazhnik and Elena Taldykina, were awarded certificates for participation in the finals. The teams were coached by Professor Alexei Sharapov, head of the Department of General and Clinical Psychology. Our University was singled out by Dr Viktor Lazarenko, Rector of the Kursk State Medical University, for our dedication in supporting the competition, and the consistent high level of preparedness of our students.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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