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International Awards for Two Outstanding Science Projects

Projects by Professor Igor Konstantinov and Professor Alexander Kubankin of Belgorod State University won medals at 'Inventica 2019', Romania's annual Innovation Festival, held in Iași, the country's second city

The event was hosted by the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași, the oldest engineering school in Romania, and sponsored by the National Institute for Invention, and the Office of the Mayor of Iași. Both Professors had already achieved recognition for their work at the St Petersburg Trade Fair, and wished to take their inventions to a wider audience.

Professor Konstantinov's project involves a gadget that uses Ultra Violet (UV) radiation for communication in difficult terrain or conditions, which can help rescuers save lives. Dr Sergey Lazarev, a member of the team explained,

This component can be used in wireless communication networks set up by first responders. This is especially useful in disaster zones where existing communications are disabled or non-existent. The devices are easy to deploy, and are ready the moment they are switched on.

To date, there are no radios capable of this kind of reliability, and the novelty of the device lies in its use of UV using Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) re-reflection.

Professor Kubankin's project is a new, lightweight, and small power source for generating X-ray radiation, fast neutrons, electrons and ions with energies up to 100 keV. Its short length (<5cm) and light weight (up to 100g) will reduce the size of existing imaging equipment. He explained,

Despite its small size, our generator is suitable for solving practical problems. These include illuminating objects with X-rays, X-ray fluorescence analysis, and checking and calibrating X-ray and neutron-sensitive equipment. The power source can be most effectively used for solving problems associated with the use of ionizing radiation fluxes in unusual conditions, like field studies, and robotics.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing


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