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Ella Ibrahim, shes a student of the faculty of journalism of The Institute of social Sciences and mass communications of BelSU, graduated from the first year and shared her impressions of her studies and life in Russia

I came to Russia from Egypt because I wanted to learn another language that would benefit me in my career as a journalist. I choose Belgorod State University for my studies. Foreign students from more than 90 countries study here. First I applied for the preparatory faculty, which taught me the basics of the Russian language. The training was very difficult. But I really liked the fact that the University offered us tours in the city and its museums. It was a great experience, we explored the city, learned more about Russian culture and history. I was amazed by the city, its blooming flower & the beautiful trees. Belgorod is a very green city. But I missed home, my family, and my brother. I was lucky because I met new friends also, I learn to manage my time, to cook, to do my laundry and to buy groceries.

Then I started my first year in the faculty of journalism of Belgorod State University. And during my attending to the lectures I realized that I did not understand much, it was a tragedy for me. But After each lecture I approached the teachers, asked them, and explained my situation that I was still learning Russian and it was difficult for me to understand the meaning of what I heard. Many of the teachers were happy to help and support me.

Being far from home, I learned to appreciate the work of my parents more, to accept different opinions and listen to them, I became more open, take part in different activities of the University, discover a new culture and even learned how to cook new delicious dishes. In short, independent life and education in Russia taught me a lot and gave me a very important experience. Thank you, NIU "BSU", thank you, Belgorod!

 Ella Ibrahim

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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